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The Erotically Charged Technophilia of Cyberpunk Paintings electronic corporeality

The belated Cuban musician Agustin Fernandez created a gloomy, gritty human anatomy of works that imagine a hyper sexed, electronic corporeality.

PARIS A visceral, hyper sensibility that is sexualized through the extravagantly fashionable oeuvre of Cuban artist Agustin Fernandez, whom resided right here from 1959 to 1968 and passed away in nyc in 2006. The sextpanther effectiveness of plucky erotic dreams and intimate innuendos, Fernandez s leitmotif, often supersedes respectful significance that is social so one aspect of Fernandez s inventive art is forever likely to be libertine, even though tempered by our knowing that the dominance regarding the straight western male position is not any longer unquestioned in art. Gender is socially ( not naturally) constructed and, whenever thought to be a fluid concept in art, defies simple recognition. Needless to express, there is nothing less particular in art than sex, and although irreverent works like Yoko Ono s cheeky movie “Four” (1966), Valie Export s “Action Pants: Genital Panic” (1969), Kembra Pfahler s “Wall of Vagina (2011), and Betty Tompkins s Fuck Paintings may recommend otherwise, lots of women feel there will be something profoundly feckless, or even downright alienating, about reducing the human anatomy to its remote intercourse components. Read more…